Brooklyn Seafood

Halsey Street Grill is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner guests. We serve the finest seafood and Soul food in generous portions at the best prices. Our friendly staff is eager to serve every customer with a smile and we work hard to ensure there are no complaints. Customers will feel right at home in our hospitable restaurant located in Brooklyn, NY and enjoy premium quality fried fishfried shrimp and fried lobster.

Fried fish dinner Halsey grill

          We source our raw ingredients from local fishermen, farmers and vendors to make sure every meal served is fresh. To bring customers the freshest fried seafood money can buy and support the local community we buy our produce from surrounding fish markets every morning. Halsey Street Grill looks forward to serving seasonal seafood items including their popular fried fishfried shrimp and fried lobster. Our chefs take their time to whip up the tastiest sauces that complement each dish. Each dish is prepared with love and care so no customer leaves the restaurant unsatisfied.
So, head on over to Halsey Street Grill for a seafood experience that is unmatched by any other restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.